Content marketing is nothing new. Today’s trendy term describes what marketers have been doing for decades. It can be a powerful way to build trust with potential customers and shorten your sales cycle.

It’s easier to start than you think.

1. Lurk to learn. Just as you’d do on a social media platform or your first trip to another country: observe what others are doing. Sort through the emails you receive and the blogs you read and identify what your favorites have in common.

2. Think of some themes. Consider the last questions a new customer asked, the issues your customers tend to struggle with or what some of your most successful customers do well. Pick one of these to start. Can’t decide? Come up with two or three and ask a trusted colleague or client to choose.

3. Jot down your notes. Set aside twenty minutes – no more – to write down your notes on the topic. Don’t edit! Just get your thoughts in writing. Make it fun: grab your laptop or tablet and do this over a coffee or adult beverage.

4. Edit and polish. Not a writer? No problem. Ask a friend, family member or colleague who is good at writing to edit your notes.

5. Publish promptly. If your website was built on any common website builder such as WordPress or, you can easily add a blog. LinkedIn provides a fast, easy and free publishing platform. Email is another powerful way to get your message out. Better still, publish your content across all three channels.

If you want help, just let us know. We guide our clients through this process fast and efficiently. We’ll come up with possible themes, interview you, and write a strong, concise piece in your words and in your voice.

Enjoy writing!