Apps and plug-ins can help more than you might imagine. Our marketing team tests out several each month, and we very carefully select one or two to integrate into our workflow. Our current favorites:

1. A bot for scheduling: your own personal assistant from Amy learns your preferences and schedules meetings – period. No whining or calling in sick – she’s one hard worker. She’s also free, fun and kind of cool.

2. Must-have for sales: Yesware. If you’ve ever wondered if a potential client saw your email, this is your app. Yesware will tell you who opened your email and when. Start with the free version and just turn on tracking. We use it every day.

3. The fundamental tool: MS Office Mobile. No idea how we missed this one; now we couldn’t live without it. It keeps your documents formatted beautifully, no matter what phone you use to make changes.

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