If you want good potential customers to contact you, your marketing had better be compelling. But sometimes it’s tough to figure out how to talk to your potential customers in your messaging – and come across as authentic as you are in person.

You know we’ve got shortcuts for you.

  1. Picture A Real Person

What is the name of one of your best clients? Pick one. Let’s call him David. Every time you write, picture David in your mind, and write as though you were writing directly to him. This will help humanize your writing and make it more compelling.

You can pay marketers like us to create buyer personas for you, but you don’t have to. This will work almost as well.

  1. Decide “What’s In It For Me?”

Or, what’s in it for David? The only reason your potential customer will pick up the phone to call you is because he believes that he will benefit.

Put yourself in his shoes, and write down what you think is most important to him: saving time, getting results, increasing margins, cutting costs – you know your customer best.

  1. Accept The Challenge

Next, outline exactly how your products or services serve David’s needs. Again, put yourself in his shoes, and write it from his perspective.

For example, many of our clients are frustrated that their businesses aren’t generating the profit they believe is possible. We provide specific mini case studies (3 – 5 sentences) that demonstrate exactly how we’ve worked with clients just like them to generate more cash.

  1. Speak The Right Language

Cut the jargon. No one cares that our firm specializes in brand management. All our customers care about is that we can help make them more profitable and grow. If you run a law firm, no one wants to hear that you have the best litigators. They want to know that when they are attacked, you will successfully defend them in court and protect their reputation.

Apply these four steps to make your marketing really speak to your customers. And to make sure that you’ve got it right, run your messaging by a good client or two, or one of your business advisors. People love to be asked for advice.

February 28, 2013