Didn’t plan any holiday marketing? No problem! Here are three easy holiday tactics that work for almost any business:

1. Send holiday cards – differently. This year, instead of sending a hastily signed holiday card to everyone on your list, pick those few clients, potential customers, and colleagues with whom you really want to strengthen your relationship. Then, handwrite a brief personal note on a holiday card to each. No time to send 100 cards? Send 20.

Ideally, you’d send custom-designed, branded cards (faster and easier than you think – we use iStock photos and moo.com to create branded cards for our clients and our business). If you can’t, grab the most professional-looking cards at your local bookstore and get them in the mail.

This tactic pays out every single time we run it.

2. Send a holiday email. A brief, branded holiday email sent the week before the holidays, with no marketing message – just friendly wishes for a good break – is one of the least expensive ways to keep your business top of mind. Just do it. It works.

3. Give a holiday gift. Something about a simple holiday gift warms the hearts of the receiver and the giver. Don’t overthink it – keep it simple, budget-friendly, and easy to execute. Our favorites: brownies or booze.

Then, deliver the gift in person to a select few clients or partners. A brief conversation, sincere wishes for a good holiday, and your small token of appreciation will go much further than you think. The same goes here – if you can’t do 25, do 10. Or 5.

More quick and easy ways to boost revenue this month:

  • Follow up on proposals that have been languishing in the wind. Call and email with a simple message: “Let’s clean this up before the holidays! I’d love to work with you, but completely understand if now is not the right time. What do you think – yes or no?”
  • Check to see if any of your clients have budget that needs to be spent before December 31. Or who might want to pay in advance to reduce their taxes for this year.
  • Finish any projects you’ve been working on that don’t have a fixed end date. We all have them! Your bottom line will thank you.

If you choose to set aside a few hours this December to invest in your business, you’ll see a marked difference by the end of the year. You might think of it as a holiday present to your business – and yourself.