Summer is a wonderful time: sunshine, warm weather, fun trips, and more. But it’s also a time when clients – and potential clients – tend to be a bit more distracted.

With a little creativity, though, you can make this a great summer for your business.

1. Pitch A New Project – Really!

Most of your clients will take at least one vacation in the summer, and usually for a longer period of time. Now is the perfect time to pitch a new project, particularly one that you can start with minimal input from your client. Help them see the future: wouldn’t it be great to have this project kicked off and moving forward while you’re relaxing on the beach? Then, come September, we’ll be ready to rock and roll.

2. Restart A Stalled Project.

Last month, two of a client’s key project leads went on vacation. Without their direction, a new staffer was left with less than a full plate. We worked with him to wrestle together the inputs needed to get a stalled project moving again. Our client was thrilled with the initiative – which we credited to the new staffer – and the progress we’d made by the time she returned.

3. Do The Dirty Work.

Every one of us has a less-than-exciting assignment that just needs to get done. Our team pulled together to complete an assignment that required hours of painstaking editing and review on a sunny workday. We rewarded ourselves with an early end to the day and a few beverages together in the sun.

4. Get Together With Friends.

Getting new referrals and new business is all about connections. A sunny summer day is the perfect time to meet on a shady patio for lunch with a smart colleague or referral source to brainstorm about how you can send each other more business.

5. Do Something Different.

A change of pace in the summer can be refreshing and productive. Treat yourself by taking part of your workday to explore. Yesterday, I attended a workshop on the best ways to access taxpayer-funded data and market research. I picked up tips that will shave time and cost from three current projects and returned energized by the ideas and engagement of my fellow entrepreneurs.

Here’s to a fantastic summer for you and your business!