We always get asked which marketing tactics work best. While it depends on your business and your ability to execute, some tactics definitely work better than others.

1. Email isn’t dead. We get some of the highest return on investment on email campaigns. But not just any email! You have to do your homework and get a little creative. It’s all about providing something of value to your customers. Think beyond discounts: provide insights, tips and highly relevant news. But no blathering on, please. Keep it short and sweet.

2. Don’t overlook LinkedIn. If you sell to other businesses, a targeted mini-campaign on LinkedIn can do wonders to generate high-potential sales leads. Of the social media channels, for most businesses (not all!), you’ll find more serious buyers with more cash to spend on LinkedIn. A targeted, efficient campaign may be all you need.

3. Focused, strategic networking. No, we’re not talking about those horrible weekly networking meetings. Instead, focus on the one or two trade associations or interest groups that your high-potential clients value most. Then, become a regular attendee, and if possible, find a way to speak in front of the group.

Interested in identifying exactly what will work best for your business? Just email or call. We’ll start with a 15-minute chat to get you pointed in the best direction – and tell you which tactics to cut immediately.