Between spring break, taxes and the distracting, spring weather, it can be hard to focus on building your business and increasing sales. So, why not make your marketing as easy as possible?

1. Grab That Low-Hanging Fruit
Make a list of your current customers. Someone has been asking you for a project, or has work they need done – you just haven’t called them to discuss or put that proposal together. Pick two projects you’d really like to do, and connect with those two customers.

2. Reconnect With Favorites
We all have teams we love working with and projects that we still talk about. Take a few minutes to look over your clients from the past two or three years. Then, reconnect with a couple of favorites, perhaps over a beverage or a meal. You’ll enjoy yourself – and land a new project or referral, too.

3. Just Show Appreciation
Use one of our favorite tactics: reach out by phone or email to a few of those smart, generous business associates or friends who have referred great clients to you. I get to catch up with thoughtful, passionate people, share a compliment and a thank you, and I always walk away with a referral to a smart business owner who wants to increase profitability.

4. Stop Working So Hard
In this day and age, there is no need for the cold call. Go online, and let LinkedIn tell you which of your friends or business associates can give you a warm introduction to the client you’ve always wanted to land. This goes for nonprofits, too – see our presentation on using LinkedIn to land more corporate and major donors.

5. Or, Work Out Harder
Your ideal customers aren’t always at the office. One of our clients regularly signs new customers through connections made at the karate studio where he works out. Another prefers to find new business over cigars and scotch. With just a little effort, you can find a way to use a favorite activity to your company’s advantage.

Marketing doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Enjoy!